Thursday, August 7, 2014

Project Inspiration: Party Favor Favorites

What fabulous ideas! Who wouldn't be super stoked to go to a party when you're invite includes a popcorn in such a cute container? I'd be there in a heart beat! (By the way, I love Kristine! She's a hoot and kept us all rolling with laughter at Convention! She really is a kid trapped in an adult body, LOL) Now don't be afraid to use your adhesive of choice for your projects! I have found that somethings work better for some projects, while others just don't cut it. In fact, I recently discovered some older scrapbook layouts, that are literally having things fall off due to my choice in adhesive. Which means more work for me! I love our Bonding Memories Glue! I have found nothing and I do mean nothing like it out there.

I actually have a story to tell. So, I happened to have run out of my Bonding Memories Glue (BMG from here on out) and so what is a Crafty Girl to do? I ran to the closest craft store, which is about 45mins one way from where I live and bought a glue that seemed similar to what I had become use to since I became a CTMH Consultant. I bought and hurried home so I could keep working on Christmas projects. Yeah, so my quick solution turned into kind of an embarrassing mess. It actually warped my Cardstock and made my Christmas cards curl in or sometimes even out. My thought was these look ugly, but what could I do, I wouldn't get more BMG in time for my Craft Boutique. So, I make sure I order at least one BMG with every order. That way there is less of a chance of running out!

So, there is my rather random, but incredibly insightful story about adhesive! I hope you enjoyed this fun video and now have fabulous ideas brewing for your next party! So remember to have fun and Get Crafty!

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