Sunday, August 3, 2014

Artbooking Made Easy: Togetherness

So I totally love how they show you exactly what pages all of the items you'll be cutting out for these projects are found. It makes it so easy to follow along and find exactly what they are working with. I love that they show how to do things like the flowers (which they make seem soooo easy, of course doing it their way probably is) and teach those old & new to the techniques how to do it! So if you haven't had an opportunity to play with the Artbooking Cartridge, you are missing out! Now I haven't gotten to play with too many 'outside' cartridges, but I love variety that ours offers and the ease in which you can combine layout pieces to work for YOUR projects! It is well worth the money you spend, not to mention getting 700 images in one place, 3 D-sized stamp sets that coordinate and the 3 sheets of Dimensional Elements that also coordinate. What a deal and only $99! (I'll let you in on a secret, if you host a party and you can get your party to reach $250 or more, then you can use the Hostess' 50% off on a Cricut Cartridge of your choice!) So, head on over to my Shop and buy your Artbooking Cartridge today. Or contact me about hosting an Online or in your home party today! Remember Friends to Get Crafty!

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