Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Base & Bling at Its Finest

 I absolutely love our Base and Bling! Now I have to admit, that until I went to CTMH's Convention back in June, I had never actually even physically seen our Base & Bling. I got the opportunity it to actually put together a project with new Base & Bling and found how truly simple it is to do. I even had fun trying to come up with fun new ideas to use it for, not to mention all of the fabulous ideas our presenters shared! If you are looking for some fun and simple projects give our Base & Bling a try. I'm also working out the details to do some Base & Bling Dessert Bar parties in the near future! Also there are new items for Base & Bling going to be available in just two days in our New Idea Book, so check those out starting August 1st!

Interested in ordering today? Check out my Shop and place your order! Don't forget to Get Crafty!

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