Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Into Artbooking & CTMH Clubs!

Fall is here and now, I'm waiting for the infamous Utah winter to come raging in without warning! The last few days have been pretty miserable, cold and rainy, and I know snow is just waiting to dump on us. Its that time of year, where doing fun and often crafty projects is a must. I mean we have cold weather coming in (in most places, but not all), the holidays with our friends & family and Christmas (who isn't delighted with homemade gifts?) Now is the time to hunker in and get our craft on! Hooray! I've never needed much reason to do some sort of crafting, but now I'm an Independent Consultant with Close To My Heart, I really have the opportunity to be crafty! I tell my Hubby, "Hey I have work to do, let me know if you need me!" and off I go or "Let me bring my stamps & stuff in, I'll make cards while we watch our show." I have a very supportive Husband, if you can't tell! With the Fall weather coming in and Winter right around the corner, I thought wouldn't it be fun to start a club where a group of us can get together and get crafty? Since I live in the middle of nowhere, what a better way to get the local ladies out of the house and have fun? So here is the info for my very Club: I would love to start a Close to My Heart monthly club.I would need 10 people to join who would be willing to purchase at least $15.00 from CTMH each month, and would get a turn at being the hostess and collecting the free product rewards. You would commit to joining for 10 months that way everyone gets a chance to be a hostess. Sound like fun?? Cold winter months are coming, why not stock up on card and scrapbook supplies. I would like to start it soon, let me know what you think. It will be a monthly gathering in my home or at the ACS Building. (If you are not local, you can enter your order on line or i can do it for you) We will do a make and take for a chance to see new product in action. We will get started in November. Feel free to invite friends, the sooner we get 10 people,the sooner we can get started! (Mind you this came straight from my Facebook page, Crafty With Pixie Stedding)

Are you interested? Contact me and we'll have a blast! I'll set up a Facebook page for the club, so everyone near & far can stay in contact. I'll post fun tips and suggestions, as well as project instructions, etc for members. I can't wait to get this going! I'm leaning toward making some cute Base & Bling hairclips as one of our first make & takes! So don't miss this opportunity!

I'll leave you tonight with a super fun video from CTMH about Fall Artbooking! You won't want to miss this!

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