Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thank Yous and Sharing Our Gratitude

I know I'm a little behind on posting about this card, with Thanksgiving having been last week, but in reality we should take the opportunity to thank those around us more often then once a year! I made this card with a Fall/Thanksgiving theme, but remember you can swap out the colors and the images to work for any time of year!

I had a lot of fun on this card, because I tried a new technique. I stamped the pumpkin in Autumn Terracotta, then I stamped some of that same ink straight on one of my stamp blocks. Using a small dab of water on the block as well, I then used a paint brush to mix a little color & the water. Then I painted the pumpkin image! I love how it turned out, granted it took a lot more time, but it looks gorgeous! When I added more color and less water I got a darker, richer color, then when I used less color & more water. I played around with the light and dark variations of the Autumn Terracotta to give my pumpkin a more realistic look.

Don't be afraid to try something new! Especially when you're papercrafting! Never be afraid of failing, because even if you try something and it doesn't turn out just like you wanted, it still might still give your project a cool look & ideas for ways to use it on other projects!

Since this project was about Thanks, I just have to say how thankful I am for having CTMH in my life and all the amazing people I have met because of it! I'm thankful for all of you who come to check out what fun new projects I have. I'm hoping to get back on schedule with posting things, the holidays have made things a little crazy around my house, as well as preparing for a Christmas Boutique this weekend! (Hurray, I'm hoping I do well!) Anyway, I'm thankful for all that I'm learning and I'm thankful for my amazing Hubby & my beautiful miracle kids! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! Don't forget to Get Crafty!

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