Monday, December 2, 2013

Artbooking Made Easy: Cross-Cartridge Collaboration

I absolutely love my Cricut cartridges that come from Close To My Heart! They are kind of my Go To for cutouts! Before I started selling CTMH, I allowed myself to be limited in my projects because I never thought some things could go together or that an idea was dumb. Which was a terrible mistake! This video shows some great ways to combine cutouts from all three cartridges and they look great! Don't let tell yourself that something wouldn't look good until you've tried it! Trial and error is really a crafter's friend! Don't own the CTMH Cricut Cartridges yet? Contact me today to get them for yourself! Don't own a Cricut, but want some of the cutouts done for a project? Contact me and I can help you get the images you need! Have a great night, Ladies! And don't forget to Get Crafty!

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